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Buy It Now!Mysteries of Planet Earth
by Karl P. N. Shuker
Paperback - 191 pages - 1st edition - December 1999
Buy it today!
-- "This book focuses its attention on a veritable treasure trove of compelling, strange and hitherto little known but thoroughly fascinating mysteries of every kind, from the Loch Ness Monster to the Turin Shroud."

Buy It Now!The Paranormal Investigator's Handbook
by Val Hope (Editor), Maurice Townsend (Editor), Valerie Hope (Editor)
Paperback - 144 pages - September 1999
Buy it today!
-- "40 b/w illustrations! Get closer to the truth about anomalous phenomena! This extraordinary volume draws together a team of experts to provide the latest techniques for investigating cases, interviewing witnesses, researching background information, and recognizing a hoax. Real-life studies and actual photos are presented, along with helpful checklists, diagrams, and instructions for leading your own investigations. Read about documented ghost and poltergeist hauntings, and conduct your own vigil. Delve into earth mysteries, like ley lines--locate them on a map and prove them in the field. Try remote viewing or use telepathy to "see" a distant place or event, then arrange your own session."

Buy It Now!Sex & the Paranormal
by Paul, Dr Chambers
Paperback - 192 pages - October 1999
Buy it today!
-- "Whenever the subject of sex has combined with the extraordinary world of the paranormal, bizarre and unforgettable things have usually happened. Examine some of the most celebrated incidents, drawn from thousands of reports of human sexual encounters with supernatural beings. Read accounts of people claiming to have been sexually involved with aliens, ghosts, demons, fairies, witches, poltergeists, angels, and the devil himself. Introduce yourself to such phenomena as spectral sex, sleep paralysis, succubi, and incubi. Other chapters reveal both ancient and modern use of sex in worship, including phallus worship, sex as a means of appeasing angry gods, witchcraft, and devil worship. Still other reports cover contemporary satanism and occult orgies. Even stranger events that have been seriously reported in the daily press include outbreaks of penis-snatching epidemics, sexual mass hysteria, satanic ritual child abuse and sacrifice, and other even more controversial and horrendous acts."

Buy It Now!The Hundredth Monkey : And Other Paradigms of the Paranormal
by Kendrick Frazier (Editor)
Paperback - 414 pages - October 1991
Buy it today!
-- "Thought-provoking essays exploring many aspects of the paranormal and covering many topics with a critical mind."

Buy It Now!Living With Ghosts : True Tales of the Paranormal
by Dorothy Burtz Fiedel
Paperback - 94 pages - March 1999
Buy it today!
-- "...a fascinating collection of true stories about hauntings, ghosts, and other paranormal events."

Buy It Now!Unexplained! : Strange Sightings, Incredible Occurrences & Puzzling Physical Phenomena
by Jerome Clark
Paperback - 636 pages - 2nd edition - November 1998
Buy it today!
-- "The truth is out there, but looking for it is the real fun. Now, countless X-Philes and other fans of the supernatural, occult, and UFOs can join Jerome Clark, as he journeys once again to the outer limits of science and nature in an updated and expanded edition of his popular work. 150 photos"

Buy It Now!Incredible Tales of the Paranormal: Documented Accounts of Poltergeist, Levitations, Phantoms, and Other Phenomena
by Alexander Imich (Editor)
Paperback - 241 Pages - September 1995
Buy it today!
-- "A guide to the one remaining frontier- the previously unexplored territory of the paranormal. Compiled by scholars with impeccable credentials, this book reveals some of the most astounding and mind-expanding psychokinetic phenomena yet experienced. From the Victorian era of parapsychology, to the most recent experiments conducted with psychic children in China, these tales take you on an unforgettable journey through the uncharted universe of the paranormal."

Buy It Now!Hidden Files: Law Enforcement's True Case Stories of the Unexplained and Paranormal
by Sue Kovach
Paperback - 224 Pages
Buy it today!
-- A collection of paranormal reports filed and witnessed by law enforcement in the US and Canada. 60 photos!

Buy It Now!Encounters With The Paranormal: Science, Knowlege, And Belief
by Kendrick Frazier
Paperback - 450 Pages - April 1998
Buy it today!
-- A thought provoking, detailed investigation into all sorts of paranormal phenomena.

Encyclopedia of the Paranormal
by Gordon Stein, Carl Sagan
Hardcover - 859 Pages - Feb. 1996
Buy it today!
-- A skeptical encyclopedia discussing many aspects of paranormal phenomena. Recommended for academic use.



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