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Open Vault > Vault Archives > Haunting: Elyria, Ohio, USA

Haunting Story #4
LOCATION: Elyria, Ohio, USA

I have 2 stories in which I believe I have encountered paranormal experiences.

First, I have a friend whom I have been close to for about 8 years. I would spend a lot of time at her house, and many times we would sleep in the family room downstairs. Often, we would get eerie feelings. We would just pass it off as our childhood imaginations. Also, things would always move in her house. Her mother had a little wooden music note that she kept on her piano. Many times the note would be moved to different locations of the house. One day, my friend's older sister told us of an experience she had the night before. She woke up in the middle of the night suddenly. She had an eerie feeling and looked up at the ceiling. All of a sudden, she saw a huge blob-like material flying for her from the ceiling. She quickly pulled the covers over her head and went to sleep. A few weeks later, the mother of my friend was at the grocery store and she saw the old owners of the house. The girl asked if there had been any strange occurances in the corner room of the house (the one my friends sister slept in) and the mother said yes. Before she could explain, the girl excitedly started telling the exact story my friends sister had. My friends family no longer doubted the existence of ghosts in her house after that! Although other things have occurred, they have never been mean or scary.

I also had a friend who claimed their house was haunted too. She told me a story of a man that was thought to be insane that killed himself in their house many years before they bought it. Apparently he used to play loud heavy metal music all night long and just walk up and down the creaky staircase in her house. He shot himself in the bathroom, right by the shower. My friends family moved in, and no matter how hard they cleaned the bathroom, in one spot, where the man killed himself, there were always bugs.

I actually experienced something there when I was spending the night. My friend and I were in her room at the top of the stairs listening to music. We both began to drift off, and all of a sudden I woke up. In the middle of a song, the radio snapped off. I was on the top bunk and she on the bottom, so I peaked over the edge to see if if it was her, but she was sound asleep. Then, the lights turned off. I became scared and put my head under the covers. I heard faint heavy metal music and the stairs began to creak. I tried to fall asleep. In the morning, the lights were still on and the music was still playing. Needless to say, I didn't spend the night there again!

RELEVANT INFO: I was probably about 12 or 13 at the time of these incidents, but they are still very real in my mind. I am 18 now. This is the first time I have publicly told these stories. These incidents are what prompted my interest in ghosts and such.

(* This article was written in 1998 *)

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