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X-Project Paranormal Christmas Celebration!

Home > Features > Haunted Holidays > Our Ghostly Christmas

by Rhonda Laudig
ORIGINALLY POSTED: 20 December 2000

Around all holidays, our house would seem to have more activity...

But at Christmas 1998, we really had a lot of stuff going on! I have always liked to put my Christmas tree up early after Thanksgiving. From the first night that we put it up we had some paranormal things happening. The first thing was, we had paneling on the walls. Paneling that we had looked at for over a year, we had NEVER seen anything noticeable on the walls before. But as soon as the tree was up, there seemed to be "faces" coming out of the woodwork! Most were spooky but one that kept catching our attention looked a lot like the pictures that you see of JESUS! But that particular face would seem to change. Sometimes it looked friendly and sometimes it was downright scary!

We heard even more noises than usual around this time, especially after we would go to bed is when they were the most usual, but at Christmas time, they happened anytime! You could be sitting in the bedroom off of the living room with the door open and hear someone walking, just like they were supposed to be there!

One night, I was walking through the hall. I was about to go take a shower. You could see the living room and the front bedroom door from where I was. I saw the black silhouette of a man walking thru the bedroom door! I only caught his bottom half, it seemed as if you would bend forward a little (like a real old person might walk) and walk into a room, you know the top half gets there before the bottom half does. He was transparent, I could see the wall beyond him! He just went through the door or the wall right beside the door!

A few nights after that, I was alone (Jimmy was off driving a truck at this time), and it was about bedtime. I got into bed and started reading a magazine, there were 2 windows directly across from the bed. At the top of the window panes, one on each side, there were 2 faces. One was of an old, old man and the other window was of an old, old woman. They didn't look evil, but it still gave me the "willies" just looking at them I jumped up and turned on ALL the lights and shut the curtains! I was about to run out the door and go spend the night at my Mothers' house! Another time, I was in the shower. I kept getting the very strong impression that someone was in the bathroom with me. I just "knew" that if I opened the shower curtain that someone would be sitting right there on the toilet looking at me! Even thought I KNEW I had locked the door. I finally decided that I couldn't stay in there forever so I closed my eyes and opened the curtain, then when I looked, no-one was there. So I got out and when I went to wipe the steam off of the mirror, I KNEW I would see a face! I could see it in my mind, it looked kinda like a scraggly haired older woman. I couldn't even bring my hand up to wipe the mirror off to see! I got my tail out of there fast!

We had all kinds of things happen that you can't really blame on a ghost. But in this case, maybe you can since these things weren't NORMAL Christmas activity in a house the WHOLE TIME! Things like, NO ornaments wanted to hang on the tree, lights would go all screwy at times, cookies just melted together into a huge mess, Christmas cassettes went missing, my prized chocolate pies BOUNCED off of the dryer in the hall where they were put to cool. Like I said these things could be considered normal, but they don't always happen all at once as most of these seemed to do!

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Home > Features > Haunted Holidays > Our Ghostly Christmas

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