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Home > Archives > Vampyres > Psychic Vampyres

Psychic Vampyres
by Everglais
POSTED: 24 July 98

Although the word vampyre conjures up images of fanged, blood-thirsty monsters, their is another type of vampyre which is more realistically possible. The Psychic Vampyre is a being which "feeds" on another human-beings energy, or life force, instead of their blood. Unlike the traditional creatures, psychic vampyres are usually mortal. Their are two types of psychic vampyres, intentional and unintentional. Intentional psychic vampyres are predators who actively "hunt" for victims, without regard for their well being. This makes them monstrous, and closer to blood vampyres. Unintentional psychic vampyres are more of a victim, unable to produce enough life force for themselves. They must draw energy from others, often times friends or family, in order to feel well or even survive. This need for one's life force is usually caused by illness, but can be found among elderly people as well. The taking of psychic energy from ones astral body can be done unconsciously, and without the victim or the vampyre knowing.
Intentional psychic vampyres usually exist within an astral body after mortal death, and will feed on the force of living person's astral bodies in an attempt to escape the afterlife, or to live forever.

Death by psychic vampyrism is rare, but not impossible. If enough of a victim's life force is drawn out, it may cause physical affects which can lead to death. Symptoms of psychic vampyre attacks include fatigue, weakened immune system, dizziness, headaches, and in few cases, dimensia. Dimensia usually follows a severe attack, or multiple ones.

Since a psychic vampyre does not perform the act of "feeding" in a visible way with the physical body, it is nearly impossible to determine who is one and who is not. Psychics can sometimes read the deep purple auras which engulf the prey of the vampyre. People with heightened psychic ability can sense their energy being fed upon, and therefore prevent it.

Their is no easy method for protecting one's self from psychic vampyres. Because they continue on in their astral bodies, the death of the physical body does not affect them...it may even make them more powerful. Instead, the only way to protect against them is by casting spells to remove them from a home or one's self. But this only drives them to another person. Psychic vampyres are immortal in their mortality.

Everglais is a gothic writer and poet who writes a frequent Vampyre column for the X-Project Paranormal Magazine.

Home > Archives > Vampyres > Psychic Vampyres

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