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Home > Archives > Vampyres > Investigating The Vampyre Legend

Investigating The Vampyre Legend
A special collection of articles shedding light on Vampyre legend, folklore, and fact.
POSTED: 1998

Investigating The Vampyre Legend.
-- Gothic writer and poet, Everglais, explores the roots and history of vampyre mythology, how it has changed today, and some possible scientific explanations.

The Changing Vampyre Image
-- Gothic writer and poet, Everglais, discusses how the vampyre image has changed today, and what caused those changes.

The Croglin Grange Vampyre
-- Gothic writer, Everglais, retells a chilling bit of folklore from England about a re-animated human corpse which attacked a woman on two occasions.

Psychic Vampyres
-- Gothic writer, Everglais, discusses a more non-traditional vampyre which feeds off one's astral body, instead of their blood.

Roman Churches Reaction to Vampyres
-- Gothic writer, Everglais, explores the initial reaction to the vampyre beliefs of the early Roman Catholic Church.

Mara Experiences.
-- The Mara comes into your bedroom at night, sometimes to look, sometimes with a more sinister motive. Read more about this scary phenomena here.

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Home > Archives > Vampyres > Investigating The Vampyre Legend

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