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A listing of X-Project content exploring the UFO phenomenon and the study of extraterrestrials...


The War of the Words
-- "...a problem with the term UFO...stems from the synonymity between UFOs and other-worldly spacecraft. This semantically-erroneous generalization of the term has caused much unwarranted controversy and confusion over the years..."

Hypnotised abductees; Seeing truth or building confabulations?
-- Guest writer, Paul Novak, explores the use of hypnosis as a tool for collecting evidence of alien abductions...

Astral Projection as a Means of Alien Transportation
-- What if extraterrestrials use astral projection to bridge the gap between their planet and Earth?

Alien Snuff
-- Real alien or silicon-made fake? Mark Raimer investigates the famous "Alien Autopsy" footage.

Is Satan is an Alien?
-- Modern people blame aliens for negative events, just like the medieval people blamed Satan. Who are the leading UFO researcher who find similarities between pagan demons and aliens , and do you agree?

Evidence of the Extraterrestrial Theory
-- We weigh the evidence supporting the theory that UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin.

UFOs In The Soviet Waters
-- Paul Stonehill, author and director of the Russian Ufology Research Center, explores several accounts of UFOs which have been sighted over (and in) the waters of Russia.

Alien Abductions.
-- An indepth look into the most startling aspect of the UFO Phenomena. Millions of people have reportedly been abducted by beings from outerspace. What exactly is going on?

Alleged Alien Signal Proven False
-- A final update to the alleged discovery of "alien" signals near EQ Pegasi, and the bizarre circumstances leading up to the exposing of a hoax.

NASA Finds A Faceless Mars
-- The Global Surveyor's new images of the famous Cydonian region of Mars contradicts the Viking images taken 20 years ago. The difference, Mars no longer has a face!

City Square Photos
-- The Global Surveyor photographs the Cydonian region of Mars again giving us more photos of the "City Square".

A Tardy God?
-- The outcome for a UFO cult stationed in Garland, Texas who expected God to appear live on TV at 12:01 am, March 25, 1998, and again on March 31 in a flying saucer.

UPDATE: UFO Cult Now Expects God in Michigan!

An Introduction to the UFO Phenomenon
-- Get the basics on the UFO Phenomenon, and find resources to launch your search for the truth.

Home > Archives > UFOs & Aliens

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