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Home > Archives > Strange & Weiard > Fortean Forecast

Fortean Forecast
by Davy Russell
POSTED: 14 May 99

The November 30, 1998, UFO Round-Up reported a mysterious precipitation of "weird brown goup" on two Westland, Michigan, homes on November 16, 1998. The goup was tested and remains a mystery. Preliminary theories suggested it was discarded human feces from an airplane, but this was not the case. Last spring, UFO Round-Up covered a similar case of a brown goup fall near York, Pennsylvania.

Here are some other Fortean precipitation reports throughout history: On August 1, 1869, flesh and blood rained down for three minutes covering 2 acres of Mr. J. Hudsonís farm near Los Nietos, California. It was a clear day with no wind. The flesh fell in fine particles and in 1-6 inch strips. A similar incident allegedly occurred two months earlier in Santa Clara County.

On August 27, 1968, flesh and blood fell on a one-third square mile area between Cacapava and Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil. The fall lasted 5-7minutes. During the winter and spring of 1696, a "stinking dew" fell in southern Ireland. It was reported to have fallen in lumps and was soft, clammy, and dark yellow.

On August 13, 1819, a bad-smelling object covered in a "cloth-like nap" fell in Amhers, Massachusetts. Upon removing the nap, Professor Rufus Graves found a "buff-colored, pulpy substance". When exposed to the air, it became a "livid color resembling venous blood". On May 5, 1786, a large amount of black eggs fell on Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The eggs hatched the next day. The creatures resembled tadpoles and shed their skin several times.

A substance known as "Angel Hair" has been reported numerous times throughout history. It is described as resembling silk, cotton, gossamer, or spiderwebs, and is usually white, shiny, and strong. It is impossible to collect as it allegedly disintegrates or melts whentouched. Other objects commonly fall from the sky including rocks, candy, sulfur, and money (paper and coins).

Throughout history, animals such as frogs, lizards, birds, insects, snakes, and toads have fallen like rain all over the world.

(SOURCE: Mysteries of the Unexplained, Reader's Digest)

Home > Archives > Strange & Weird > Fortean Forecast

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