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A listing of X-Project content exploring general paranormal themes and how they relate to supernatural faiths and religions.


Faith - A Psychological Disorder?
-- Some skeptics say faith is a cognitive disorder. We investigate why people believe things that defy science.

The Jerusalem Syndrome
-- Every year in Israel's Holy City, a handful of Christian tourists are suddenly transformed from seemingly healthy, normal people to street preaching, psalm singing Bible characters often garbed in nothing more than a hotel bed sheet.

Angels, An Objective Veiw.
-- An objective veiw of angels. What are they, how do they impact human-kind, and what does history and religion say about them?

The Paranormal History of Halloween
-- An investigation into the ancient beliefs in the paranormal which prompted on of the most widely celebrated modern hollidays.

The Power of God? Stars? or Suggestion.
-- A criticle look at those who make a business of communicating with the dead, with angels, God, and the stars.

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