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A listing of X-Project content exploring general paranormal themes including psychic phenomenon, ESP, ghosts, hauntings, vampyres, etc...


The Popobawa - A Zanzibari Incubus
-- A fearsome cyclops dwarf with bat wings sometimes terrorizes sleeping men in Africa.

The Brown Mountain Mystery Lights
-- New video evidence of the 800 year-old mystery lights may provide more clues about the phenomenon.

Faith - A Psychological Disorder?
-- Some skeptics say faith is a cognitive disorder. We investigate why people believe things that defy science.

Emily's Bridge - A Haunted Covered Bridge
-- People will caution you to be careful when crossing Emily's Bridge in Stowe, Vermont, and many refuse to cross after dark for fear of a ghost that slashes its victims.

The Lady In Black
-- "I couldn't tell what it was at first, then someone screamed out that it was the Lady in Black...I just screamed and ran!"

The Bennington Triangle
-- Ten people mysteriously vanished in the haunted wilderness of Glastenbury Mountain, Vermont. Known as the Bennington Triangle, the area is famous for sightings of strange lights, ghostly figures, and monsters.

The Black Forest Investigation
-- "What they did not know was that the former tenant of the house was convinced the property was haunted but did not say anything. The unsuspecting Lees bought the property in 1992. Within a week, the gates of hell opened up on them..."

Elves, Do They Exist?
-- Some would rather let elves live in the imagination of Tolkien, but many people claim to have seen them in real life. Is their any scientific proof?

Mara Experiences.
-- The Mara comes into your bedroom at night, sometimes to look, sometimes with a more sinister plan. Read more about this scary phenomena here.

The Legend of Springheeled Jack
-- Guest writer, Aly Julian, investigates the terrifying events that occurred in the mid-1800's in London, England, and the legend of Springheeled Jack.

Hereditary Paranormal Phenomena
-- Can paranormal abilities be hereditary? It appears that psychic abilities may be passed down from parent to child, and children often experience the similar phenomena that their parents have.

Astrology vs. Astromancy
-- Misconceptions of astrology often discredit its use and study as unscientific and superstitious. Spyder Kuntz discusses the historical use of astrology and the spinoff that is popular today - astromancy.

Investigating The Vampyre Legend
-- A six-part investigation into the fact, folklore, and fiction of Vampyres.

The Jerusalem Syndrome
-- Every year in Israel's Holy City, a handful of Christian tourists are suddenly transformed from seemingly healthy, normal people to street preaching, psalm singing Bible characters often garbed in nothing more than a hotel bed sheet.

Demystifying Mediumship
-- Guest writer, Marlene Hanna, could see the future when she was four, but never saw an angel. She is probably the only medium in the world who doesn't believe in the supernaturalist explanations...

Cold Reading
-- A skeptical look at the psychic/tarot reading phenomena. Is it special powers or deceptive manipulation?

The Higson Street Hauntings
-- A British journalist shares his experiences investigating a haunted house.

Angels, An Objective Veiw.
-- An objective veiw of angels. What are they, how do they impact human-kind, and what does history and religion say about them?

Eerieland: A Paranormal Tour of Ireland
-- Take a cross country trip through Ireland and tour this beautiful countries ghostly hotspots, haunted lakes, and folklore.

Enigmas Of The Corvidae.
-- Crows, Ravens, and other Corvids have had a long association with the paranormal and occult.

A Tour of Haunted Colleges
-- Readers share their stories of life at a haunted college. Their is a number of educated spirits lurking in libraries, class rooms, and student dorms.

Marfa Lights and Miller Lites
-- It's not the beer drinking that causes residents of Marfa, Texas, to occasionally see strange lights in the night sky. In fact, it's the beer they are drinking that is sponsoring the mysterious lights that have been mystifying observers for more than a hundred years.

Encounters With Green Children
-- Throughout history, people have reported encounters with children who have green skin...

Out of Body Experiences
-- Guest writer, Ron Murdock, delivers an objective introduction to a fairly common phenomena, the OBE.

The Paranormal History of Halloween
-- An investigation into the ancient beliefs in the paranormal which prompted on of the most widely celebrated modern hollidays.

The Power of God? Stars? or Suggestion.
-- A criticle look at those who make a business of communicating with the dead, with angels, God, and the stars.

-- Strange weather, falling fish, skeletal giants, living fossils, ball lightning, and more in the X-Project Strange & Weird Archive.

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