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Home > Archives > Paranormal > Haunted Colleges

Haunted Colleges
by Davy Russell
POSTED: 23 October 98

Added on 20 November 98
More Haunted Colleges
Tales of more campus weirdness sent in to us by our readers.

Added on 7 November 98
Nyack College
"The library was said to be haunted, especially one round room upstairs where lights would appear on after workers had gone and shut them all off..."

Added on 23 October 98
University of Vermont
Students and faculty have been reporting strange phenomena in various buildings at the University of Vermont (UVM). Some say it is the most haunted college in Vermont.

Bucknell University
A female ghost is said to haunt the third and fourth floors of Hunt Hall at Bucknell University.

Home > Archives > Paranormal > Haunted Colleges > Haunted Colleges

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