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Home > Archives > Paranormal > Angels, An Objective View

Angels, An Objective View
by Davy Russell
POSTED: April 98

A poll that was published in TIME magazine showed that 69 percent of people believe in Angels, 46 percent of which believe they have a personal guardian angel. Descriptions of these angels include a wide range of appearances. Some are only lights or a hovering golden halo; while others describe their angel as human, half human, or even animal! Angels are said to descend upon those who are in need of salvation (from evil or hell), or who need direction in life, in pain or suffering physically or emotionally, or to those who need simple things such as directions or a winning lottery ticket. Angelic encounters are sometimes life-changing, but always leave the experience spiritually/physically/emotionally revived, comforted, and less negative. "Rocky" situations in one's life are handled easier and with less stress.

"Angel contactees" usually describe an instance when things are so bad that they go to a solitary place alone (a bedroom, etc...). An angel then appears. Heavenly music and/or joyful music is heard, a warm, tingly light is felt, sometimes invisible arms are felt embracing the person in distress. Communication is usually telepathic, not always in words but emotion (like a transfer of positive energy).

There are numerous other angel stories which involve deceased loved ones visiting those they left behind to reassure the grieving of their well being after death. Or someone will get a vivid image or sudden thought of a close friend or family member minutes before learning about their death. Other stories include lights from familiar sources "forming" into angels (or angelic shapes), a halo suddenly hovering over one's head, or even a mysterious person who saves one's life or helps them out in any way. The "angel" then disappears before being thanked, giving the bewildered a conclusion that they were "touched by an angel". Sometimes angels are not seen but felt. For example, someone may be approaching unseen danger when they are suddenly yanked or pushed out of harm's way by an unseen force. An old wives tale says that when you hear your name called, and you look around to find yourself alone, your guardian angel just saved you from danger or temptation.

Angels or angelic-like beings are mentioned in many other religions including several middle-eastern religions, often as animal spirit guides in native American or pagan cultures. However, the majority of angels are reported by people of Catholic or Christian (Protestant) faiths. This is probably due to the fact that angels are mentioned over 300 times in the Bible.

According to the Christian Bible, angels are workers and messengers of God, who work in Heaven and on Earth. Two distinct angels are named including Gabriel, the messenger angel who gave Mary the news of her divine pregnancy (Luke), and Michael the arch angel. Other Biblical angel encounters include the two men that warned Lot of Sodom and Gomorra’s destruction (Genisis); the multitude who proclaimed the Christ Child's arrival to the shepherds (Luke); the angel who escorted the apostle John in the book of Revelations and defeated Satan; and the angels who comforted Jesus at the garden of Gethsemene on the night before his execution.

The Bible also mentions other types of Angels or heavenly beings called the Seraphim and the Cherubim as described in Ezekiel and Revelations.

Ezekiel 1:5-14 | Revelations 4:6-11

The majority of angels mentioned in the Bible depict wingless beings who take the form of a man. The only exceptions are the Cherubim and the Seraphim mentioned above and only one mention of a winged, female angel in the Old Testament.

Oddly enough, the description of winged women and children angels are found mostly in non-Christian mythology. Cupid, the sprite who makes lovers out of people by shooting them with special arrows, resembles the flying children made popular during the Victorian and Renaissance period.

According to palm-readers, the angel line is found running next to the life line. They can see how influential one's guardian angel is in their life by deciphering the angel line.

Skeptic's Notes

The problem with the majority of alleged angelic encounters is that highly religious people are likely to interpret coincidence as divine intervention; or a mysterious "human" hero as an angel sent from God, when infact, they were just benevolent human beings.
Also, mara-like experiences or dreams could be interpreted as angelic visitations. Maras, OBE's, NDE's, and Alien Abductions all share similar aspects of an angelic encounter. Some UFO believers (usually the religious ones) think of extraterrestrials as angels (or demons). So called "space brothers/sisters" are supposedly watching over and protecting humankind, and playing a role in evolution of the human race.

In every angelic encounter I have read, the person experiences positive emotions, comfort, and peace. If you take a look at the majority of angel appearances in the Bible, those who came in contact with angels were struck with terror. The first words out of the angel's mouth was always "Fear not!" (See Gabriels visit to Mary, and the shepherds visitation.) Why has the fear or startled reaction to a strange entity suddenly appearing before you ceased?

Also, angels never appeared as animals or halos hovering over peoples heads. The only animal-looking angels were the Cherubim and Seraphim who, according to the Bible, never leave the proximity of God's throne in Heaven. So, why would an angel come all the way from Heaven and choose a person, not necessarily in danger (when so many others are), and make a mysterious apparition which is not understood by the experience? That doesn't make any sense!

And another thing - there are those who charge money to contact your personal guardian angel, describing them and communicating with them. And there are those who channel angels, especially Michael, the Arch Angel. Why is it that one can contact God or a heavenly being through "Bible forbidden" methods such as divination?


I am not attempting to debunk the existence of angels altogether, but I am sure, as with any paranormal report, the majority of eye-witness accounts are lies, hoaxes, or misinterpreted. Whether these are real experiences or not, angelic encounters have a profound effect on many people's lives. And it would appear, according to the media, that angels are a popular belief. So, what do you think? Do you believe in angels? Guardian angels? Or do you think this, along with the UFO phenomena and others, are merely a mass delusion? Post your comments on the Paranormal Message Board and tell us what you think. View some other Biblical angel references here.

Home > Archives > Paranormal > Angels, An Objective View

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