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Home > Archives > Cryptozoology > Roswell Rods

Roswell Rods
by Davy Russell
POSTED: February 98

Here is a bizarre new life form for cryptozoologists and skeptics to fight about - Rods! What are rods you ask? Rods are thin, unidentified organic life forms that fly (or ride air currents) in the sky. They range from 4 inches to over 100 feet long, some having short appendages. They fly rapidly and are almost impossible to see with the untrained eye. There are three distinct types of rods: centipede rods, white rods, and spears. They have been reported throughout the United States, Canada, and worldwide, and are visible in all seasons. They appear to be living, breathing organisms playing among the clouds.

Sightings of "rod-like" creatures in the sky date back to early history. Large, flying serpentine creatures were reported in China in 747 AD, in Europe during the late middle ages, and in the United States in 1894. However, these "rods" do not resemble serpentine creatures; instead, they look like string or rope floating in the sky.

At the Rods Web Site (www.roswellrods.com), one can view numerous photographs of alleged rods. Most pictures show what appears to be hairs on the camera lens, or possibly even string, twigs, yarn, and straw which had been caught up in air currents, and mistaken for rods. The web site provides a detailed instruction manual on how to best photograph rods. The clearest photos come from a cave in Mexico. Stills from the video show a small, bright white "line" which appears to be flying, using its appendages like fins to propel themselves in the air (much the same way a ray would do in water).

So, perhaps rods are insects, lens flares, birds, or reflections from the ground. Depending on the distance that "long" birds such as the heron or stork is from the camera, it could be misidentified as a rod. Also, a swarm of insects forming a line could be mistaken for a rod, as hundreds of insect bodies appear to be a single solid object. And yet another possibility is that unphotographed rods are visual hallucinations, or eye "floaters."

The web site shows many other "rod" photographs, one of which was taken by a Mrs. Linda Hewett over Canada in 1972. The picture shows a long, shadowy streak in the orange sky that was not noticed until the photo was developed. It looks more like something on the lens, or a shadow on a cloud, than a so-called rod. (Photo Link Here.)

Nevertheless, many people have claimed to have seen and photographed rods. Those who are convinced of their existence, make desperate claims that the skeptics will have "no other option but to agree that Rods are something unknown and...join us (the believers) in the investigation". They claim to have "solid evidence" to prove the existence of rods, however, the evidence is fuzzy, inconclusive photographs. What is needed is an actual body of a rod to be captured.

I am not necessarily dismissing the idea that rods are a strange new life form, but I feel we need more conclusive evidence before jumping to the conclusion that they are indeed real.

I invite anybody’s comments about rods. Please sign the cryptozoology message board found at the Para-Forum.

Home > Archives > Cryptozoology > Roswell Rods

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