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A listing of X-Project content exploring cryptozoology and creatures such as bigfoot, lake monsters, sea serpents, chupacabra, etc...


-- During the mid-1960's, a creature known as Mothman terrorized people in the Ohio River Valley in West Virginia. Witnesses described it as being larger than a man, gray or black in colour, with a ten foot wingspan. Its red, glowing eyes gave off an aura of terror to those who saw it.

When Lake Monsters Attack
-- The darker side of aquatic cryptozoology.

De Loys Ape
-- Another cryptozoological enigma bites the dust as the famous de Loys Ape turns out to be just a spider monkey.

The Loveland Frog
-- The Loveland Frog mystery appears to be less of an enigma after the rumors are dispelled from the famous sighting in 1972.

Trapping Selma
-- A Norwegian expedition during the summer of 2000 attempts to trap a legendary lake monster that has eluded them over more than 20 years of searching.

The Jersey Devil
-- A legendary monster of New Jersey folklore. Famous for invading homes by entering through the chimney and ransacking the place until it left with the children!

What Can Improve Cryptozoology's Reputation
-- Aly Julian puts the question to leading cryptozoologists.

Phantom Dogs
-- Read about the phenomenon of phantom canine apparitions throughout history. Read about the church raiders in the middle ages, the cemetery guardians of the US, vanishing car dodgers, and other mysterious ghostly dog stories.

A Whistling Sasquatch
-- Following in the footsteps of Charles Fort, author Jesse Glass, explores some of America's earliest reported sasquatch sightings in Carroll County, Maryland.

Bunyips, The Australian Sprite.
-- Explore a fascinating creature in Aboriginal legend, and some theories about it's existence. What was the mythical Bunyip, and how it affected the early settlers of Australia.

Nitpicker's Guide to the Patterson/Gimlin Film
-- Once again the famous 1967 Patterson/Gimlin film has been subject to scrutiny...and this time, two unlikely bigfoot enthusiates are making the claim of fakery.

The Invisible Sasquatch
-- There are those who claim to have encountered the sasquatch, but have never seen it. They hear it breathing behind them, and turn to find nothing.

Pterosaurs and Kongamatos
-- Although the Pterosaur is believed by most to have gone extinct with the dinosaurs, some have been occasionally spotted in the American southwest and Africa.

Phantom Kangaroos
-- Some bizarre Australian fauna has been sighted in the USA over the past century...and these kangaroos appear to be supernatural!

Alien Felines: The Eastern Panther.
-- The Eastern Panther is officially listed as extinct, but generates quite a few annual sightings throughout the northeastern US and Canada.

The Exmoor Beast.
-- An "alien feline" has been blamed for the deaths of hundreds of farm animals in the predator-free region of Exmoor, England. Where did this Panther subspecies come from?

The Seljord Serpent Expedition.
-- 12 international participants searched Lake Seljordsvatnet for 2 and a half weeks in August to find the alusive lake serpent. The X-Project was there!

The Seljord Serpent Expedition Scrapbook.
-- Browse some photographs taken by X-Project Editor, Davy Russell, who was a participant searching for the legendary serpent of Lake Seljordsvatnet in Norway.

GUST Lake Monster Update
-- The latest developments a month after the expedition to find the Serpent at Lake Seljordsvatnet, Norway.

Roswell Rods.
-- These flying "things" are seen in the sky, and have been photographed numerous times. Find out more about these bizarre life forms here.

Home > Archives > Cryptozoology

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