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Home > Archives > Cryptozoology > GUST98 Expedition - New Developments

GUST98: Reaction to the "Serpent" Video
by Davy Russell
POSTED: 21 September 98

Expedition leader Jan-Ove Sundberg of GUST98 (Global Underwater Search Team of 1998) has finally made the claim on his web site that an unknown animal exists in Lake Seljordsvatnet. Sundberg's claim rests on 20 minutes of film footage taken by Swedish team member Ulf Burman. The mysterious white wake filmed by his digital camcorder does not show much on an ordinary TV monitor, as he estimated that he was about a kilometer away from the water on one of the surrounding mountain slopes. Burman was able to zoom in 20X with his camcorder but still was not able to produce a clear image from the distant object. What he captured was a mystifying long "V" shaped wake, which moved forward in one direction for a while, making a sharp turn and "swimming" back. It appeared to break up into three different objects.

The footage was quickly debated among team members back at base, and several theories were tossed about including ducks, fish, jet skis, boats, beavers, and of course, the serpent. Ducks were initially ruled out after seeing the film footage which Burman took of ducks to show comparison. There was really nothing to be said for sure of what these objects were until further analysis could be conducted.

According to Sundberg's article, Image Systems in Linkoping, Sweden finished their analysis on September 17. Using the Track Eye, they were able to detect 30 seconds of a "large, hump-like back that comes out of the water shortly before the thing is turning around". In his article published on Sunday, September 20th, Sundberg suggests the splitting of the objects are due to the appendages (fins, legs, etc...) which may be creating wakes next to the body while swimming.
Interesting hypothesis, I think. But I feel it is highly unlikely that any appendages of the creature would create it's own "V" shaped wake. If they were flippers, it would be using them to propel itself forward, which would create more of a splash, or broken waves flowing away from the body from the paddling motion. I don't think using flippers in this way would cause "V" shaped wakes next to the animal, whatever it is.

We shall keep our eyes open for the stills of the footage which Sundberg promised to publish on his web site later on Monday or Tuesday. Whatever they show, I urge you to view it objectively, and not jump to the conclusion that this is in fact the serpent.

Read our article summing up the results of the expedition. Also, browser our Expedition Scrap Book.

ALSO: Writer Dave Walsh describes his experiences as a participant in GUST; revealing the behind-the-sceens coruption which doomed the success of the expedition from day one. Click Here.

Home > Archives > Cryptozoology > GUST98 Expedition - New Developments

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