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Home > Archives > Cryptozoology > GUST Expedition Scrapbook

GUST98 Expedition Scrapbook
by Davy Russell
POSTED: 29 August 98

Here are some of the photos taken during the 1998 expedition to find the Soormen, the serpent of Lake Seljordsvatnet in Telemark, Norway.
PLEASE NOTE: All images are copyrighted by Davy Russell, and should not be used without permission.


This is a shot of the lake from the shore.

This is the research vessel (MS BRAEGEN) which was made from scratch by owner Arne Tompson (Norway). It was referred to as "Mother One".

This is the thermal printer for the Side-Scan Sonar, which took readings off the sides of the boat, and the bottom of the lake.

This was one of the remotely operated submarines we used. It was equipped with video cameras which sent live images back to the monitors of the boat.

Divers were sent underwater to search out clues and investigate suspicious areas.

Expedition leader Jan-Ove Sundberg is interviewed by Cicada Films, who are putting together a documentary of the expedition for the Discovery Channel.

The Seljord Serpent is great for local businesses as it attracts tourists. Some businesses which benefit directly form the legend is the Sjoorm Safari, which takes tourists out on a boat to catch a glimpse of the serpent.

Read our article summing up the results of the expedition.

ALSO: Writer Dave Walsh describes his experiences as a participant in GUST; revealing the behind-the-sceens coruption which doomed the success of the expedition from day one. Click Here.

Home > Archives > Cryptozoology > GUST Expedition Scrapbook

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